Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dead deers and Potter

So, I came home from school last night a little after 6pm. It was dark when I got off the bus. It's freaking weird, just last week there was still light out at that time.

It's really messing with me.

Anyways, got to the driveway, both garage doors were open. My ad and sister were there. Took 2 secs to realise what was going on. My dad had gone hunting that day. He bagged two deers. I went over, made a negative comment and then proceeded inside.

FFS, I was hoping that he wouldn't catch anything this year. LET ALONE 2.FFS

Anyways, exactly 7 days from now, I'll be sitting in the movie theatre waiting in line for Deathly Hallows part 1. MIDNIGHT SCREENING. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED.



This one actually looks promising, like direct quotes from the book. It looks like everyone gave it their all for these last two movies and based on that alone, I will love both, no matter what. They put a lot of effort into these last 2, thus I will respect both movies. I have no doubt that they will be my favourite.

Unfortunately, IMAX sold out for the midnight, so I have to go to the regular midnight. That's fine, the image will be better. Since orering, that one has sold out and I checked today, they had to open up 2 more showings just for the midnight.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Polled image results! + Video showing progression

So, I'm doing another Inheritance Copic artwork. I did a progression video. You can mute the video, I hate my voice too.

Since it was a tie in the polls, I decided to do the Brisingr scene...mostly because the EragonxArya attempts....failed.

AHHH, I have class at 1:30pm. I start metal sculpture today. I am going to learn how to weld things. FIRE. METAL. Someone protect the world from me, for I have just gotten more dangerous.

Also, Youtube takes a shit ton of time to upload, so at the point of this post, Arya is finished and I'm just working on the background/Saphira stuff.

Also, I have email alerts to the book 4 section on IF. Why can't people learn the rules/look up topics and spell Saphira's name correctly. Who is Saphire? Saphear?

Damn noobs. This is why I avoid this section like an acid pool. Yet, I can't bring myself to stop the alerts, they make me laugh so much. I'm such a bitch.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


SO, life is...going along.

I find myself stressing over a ton of assignments and school work. It's driving me nuts. It's not that I have a lot. I don't. They are just worth a lot and I have something due every week. The most trouble if trying to struggle around all of them. For example, my sculpture was due last week. I can only work on it while in the studio and I spent the week before that after class on it until 9pm. I couldn't work on it after class the week before that because I had an essay due the next day.

NOW, on Tuesday, I have my print project due. I have one more layer to do, and hopefully I can get them done tomorrow night.

It's just that October was crazy for me. I started another job, and I already devote my Fridays to Volunteering at my old elementary. Thus, I was busy all 7 days. I'm pretty insane, I realise this. THANKFULLY, WonderLand is done now. Now all I have is a weekend job with better hours, school and volunteering.

Spent last night out with my crew from WL though. It was pretty fun. We all went to Nascar and raced/played laser tag. We then went to Pickle Barrel and I ate a ton of stuff. It was good. I also bought some nail polish and a cute plushie. We then went to tims and stayed there for a bit. It was hilarious.

Been planning my cosplay for AN11. I will be doing STARS Jill Valentine this year. I decided that ages ago. I already found her beret and stars logo on ebay. Waiting on wig purchasing/deciding which one to get. Also toying with doing 4th gen Ash from Pokemon. I was that for Halloween and want to complete it. So maybe I might have 2 lined up for AN11.


Been playing Fable 3. Going to start my second hero and play the whole thing soon. (all the quests)