Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Polled image results! + Video showing progression

So, I'm doing another Inheritance Copic artwork. I did a progression video. You can mute the video, I hate my voice too.

Since it was a tie in the polls, I decided to do the Brisingr scene...mostly because the EragonxArya attempts....failed.

AHHH, I have class at 1:30pm. I start metal sculpture today. I am going to learn how to weld things. FIRE. METAL. Someone protect the world from me, for I have just gotten more dangerous.

Also, Youtube takes a shit ton of time to upload, so at the point of this post, Arya is finished and I'm just working on the background/Saphira stuff.

Also, I have email alerts to the book 4 section on IF. Why can't people learn the rules/look up topics and spell Saphira's name correctly. Who is Saphire? Saphear?

Damn noobs. This is why I avoid this section like an acid pool. Yet, I can't bring myself to stop the alerts, they make me laugh so much. I'm such a bitch.

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